French Antique Side Rails

If you have ever met me at a show, you have seen my French Antique Side Rails.


French Side Rails

Taking the old and giving it a new life for your home


I always get the question, what are they and how can I use them in my home.


Repurposed Bed Rail

What a great idea for a new headboard

First, What the heck are they?

They are the side rails from old French beds.  They would hold the headboard and the footboards together.  The rails would be used to support the mattress.  How old are they?  Based on some research, they are from the 1920s and before.  They are solid wood and some are beautiful just as they are!   Well, there may be a little polishing to get them to shine again.    If they are in good condition, I do what I can to restore them to their original beauty.  Some of the ones I have, have had some water marks or a few scratches here and there.  These are the ones that I repaint.


Repurposed Side Rails

Antique Rails with a new life!

That said, how can you use them?

There are so many ways!  Many of the rails are between 72-78 inches long.  This is a  perfect length to hang over a bed, over a double door, or a window, or even over a bath tub!

Antique Bed Rail

What a great architectural piece above the window

Corniced bedrail

Create a new look for your bath

Repurposed Bed Rail

The perfect way to add character to your room


So now you know a bit more about the French Antique Bed Rails and how you can use them!  Be sure to check out my on line store for other styles that I have available!  I am sure you have the perfect place in your home for one!


Happy Painting!



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