About Artful Wanderlust

How it all began…

I have always considered myself a creative individual. I remember early on helping my mother repaint furniture. I was always creating something… usually a mess according to Mom!

When the time came in life to get a real job (cringe!) I tried several paths in the business world. After the birth of my daughter, I became a stay at home Mom. While I loved my new position, that old yearning to create kept creeping back. Then, it happened…

I took a night class on Faux Finishing. I have had paint on me ever since! I have been very lucky to have spent the last 20 years in the Faux Finishing industry with my company Never Enough Thyme Creations. The work and the people have blessed me beyond measure! But then, the itch to do more hit.

For the last several years, the desire to do more was burning down deep in my soul. While I am work during the day doing faux finishes, I am carving more time out to create more art and follow my passions.

So, Artful Wanderlust was born. The name comes from my desire to travel and my yearning to create. You will see what makes my soul happy and I hope yours too! My love of nature, inspirational sayings, and a desire to save the planet by repurposing and giving new life to some wonderful things! Painting and creating has been very healing for my soul. I am very excited about my journey to continue to create, share, teach, and learn..

I hope you will join me!